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How we deliver.

What Our Customers Are Saying.

Keystone is a reliable transportation company with excellent service. Our customers have come to expect nothing less than what has made our company the number one supplier for many of our national accounts. This is based much upon the timely, friendly experiences we have while partnered with Keystone. We have become friends with our contacts there. Darifair Foods is a
100% satisfied customer.
— David Stephens
Logistics Manager, Darifair Foods
Partnering with Keystone has helped C.H. Robinson gain more business through their outstanding service. Keystone has been one of the best carriers that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. I can always count on them to provide excellent service in a timely manner and be transparent on issues that may (but hardly ever) arise. I can always count on them! I would absolutely recommend them to others.
— Jessica Janos
Carrier Account Manager, C.H. Robinson
The thing that stands out is Keystone’s communication. If loads are delayed for any reason, they let you know. I’ve worked with more than 60 different trucking companies and it’s rare to have this type of communication.
— Lola Meacham
Logistics Department, Schuff Steel
We’ve been doing business with Keystone for many years and they are one of the carriers I can always count on. As a manufacturing facility, it is vital that we have a transport partner like Keystone that understands our business and aids us in meeting the needs of our customers.
— Pamela Borkowski
Patterson Printing
Great service and awesome people. In my opinion, Keystone holds all of the keys to success.
— Kenneth Nikkila
Logistics Specialist

Hear From Our Agents & Drivers.

I came to Keystone because they offered me the opportunity to be home every day and it’s been a good experience ever since. It’s been a great 10 years.
— Keith Longbrake
Keystone Driver
When people come on board they stay on board and there’s a reason for that.
— Mike Wise
Agent, Keystone Logistics
I consider Keystone Family…I have retirement aspirations with Keystone and no other company!
— Genaro Ocasio
Agent, Keystone Logistics
I’ve been with Keystone Logistics going on nearly 15 years, and they have seen me through a lot. They have treated me well and have never had a bad issue with the company. I am doing financially well with them and feel they’re a good company to work for with an abundancy of loads. They provide good work, good equipment and are excellent people. When a CT-scan revealed 5 aneurysms, Keystone took care of me in my time of need. They showed me they care - that’s the Keystone experience for me.
— Tim Smith
Leased Owner Operator
Partnering with Keystone has given me the ability to offer my customers a variety of options that I would not have been able to do on my own. In addition, I have the freedom to run my agency the way I want. What a great combination.
— Mike Wise
Agent, Keystone Logistics
Keystone Logistics agent plan is very well done. I knew immediately it was for me. I was able to develop my own business at my own pace. Keystone team members are knowledgeable, supportive and efficient. With their expertise and guidance I’ve been able to grow my business successfully.
— Jennifer Franco
Agent, Keystone Logistics

Words From Our Staff.

I’ve been with Keystone Logistics since I was 24 and feel that I professionally grew up here. Within my first year, I walked through a tough surgery but didn’t walk alone. Keystone provided me the support I needed through that and other difficult times. Keystone paid for me to earn my degree. At a time when I was a single mom, going to school full time and working full time, Keystone provided an environment where I could thrive. They have been a strong support system; Keystone truly is my second family. I’ve been here 14 years now and I plan on working for them for the remainder of my career and, when the time comes, I’ll retire from Keystone.
— Vera Elllsworth
Safety Administrator
In August 2002, less than a month after starting with Keystone, I suffered a massive heart attack that kept me out of the office for several weeks. The position was kept open for me until I was able to return. It doesn’t get any better than that… you are treated like family.
— Joe Kelly
Rates & Special Projects
I was approached by Keystone to come aboard nearly 10 years ago as I had experience in dispatch and was familiar with the logistics industry. I enjoy the brokerage side as there’s so much skill and nuance involved. As a broker you bring all three entities, the shipper, carrier and Keystone, together and meet each individual need. That way, together, we all win. Keystone has allowed me the freedom to grow professionally. There is so much to this industry; you never live the same day twice. I love what I do, and Keystone has made that happen for me.
— Julia Johnson